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The articles provide current and unique information on reports, developments, trends and analysis, usually from sources in the affected areas and regions, not obtainable from commercial news and other outlets.

Censoo.com does not suggest that it contains the truth behind reality. The truth is a combination of all information and all facts relating to a topic. It is therefore unachievable for anyone to say: “I know the truth behind reality.”

If you came with the expectation to this site in search of the truth of reality you will be disappointed. But that is also true for the mainstream media like CNN, BBC, RT and even political motivated Think Tank, NGOs, Organizations, Institutions as well as Governments etc. If you came to gather information to frame a bigger picture of world events you may find it a useful resource.

The sources of Censoo.com are Wire-Services, International Press, Institutions, Organizations, Governments, Blogs, etc. Exactly the same wire-services used by corporate media. The information contained on this web site is content that other News Sources prefer not to provide to the public.

Censoo.com does not believe that readers should trust any source of information. Readers should gather information from alternate sources and use their own intellect and judgment of the content to form opinions.

Unlike corporate media, Censoo.com believe that people are capable of making their own judgments, using their own intellectual ability rather than been led around by the nose by “reliable sources” who claim to offer the “truth of reality”.

Censoo.com’s purpose on this website is to inform, to offer information and provide daily news and analysis from sources around the world.


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