Monday, May 20, 2019

Tag: Rex Tillerson

War With China? Effects Of A U.S. Blockade In The South China Sea

“Chinese and Western experts” say a blockade by the U.S. in the South China Sea of China's artificial islands would be an “act of war” according to breathless Wall Street Journal reporters. The New York Times says unnamed “American Navy experts” are calling a blockade “tantamount to war”. Association of...

Making Russia The Enemy

The rising hysteria about Russia is best understood as fulfilling two needs for Official Washington: the Military Industrial Complex's transitioning from the “war on terror” to a more lucrative “new cold war” – and blunting the threat that a President Trump poses to the neoconservative/liberal-interventionist foreign-policy establishment. By hyping the...

WikiLeaks figure says disgusted Democrat leaked Clinton campaign emails

A WikiLeaks figure is claiming that he received leaked Clinton campaign emails from a “disgusted” Democratic whistleblower, while the White House continued to blame Russian hackers Wednesday for meddling in the presidential election and asserted that Donald Trump was “obviously aware” of Moscow’s efforts on his behalf. Craig Murray, a...

The Oil Tanks

The oil industry ties behind think tanks' push to repeal the crude oil export ban. Over the past two years, nine of the most frequently cited US think tanks have released reports endorsing crude oil exports, sent experts to advocate exports in Congressional testimony, and published op-ed columns supporting a repeal of the ban on exporting crude oil.

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